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Oxford Community Yoga offers a wide array of events including music concerts, sound baths, potlucks and day retreats. We work to support the needs of our community, and provide experiences that are truly unique and beneficial. 

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Reily Community Yoga - Free classes!

9:00-10:00 AM
Tuesdays, March 14, 21, 28, and April 4th.
Taught by Jessica Lohrey

OXCOMYOGA is partnering with Reily Good Neighbors and the Coalition for a Healthy Community - Oxford Area to offer yoga classes at the Reily Community Center! These classes are sponsored by a grant, and therefore participants can join at no cost! No experience is necessary. Come as you are! Bring a yoga mat if you have one. The focus of these classes will be on:


  • Relaxing the body

  • Freeing the mind from constant thought

  • Self-observation

  • Inter-connectedness 

LOCATION: Reily Community Center, 6061 Reily Millville Rd, Oxford, OH 45056


You do not need to pre-register for these classes. See you there!

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Intro to Yoga: 5 Week Series

9-10:15 AM, Thursdays  
March 30 - April 28, 2023

Whether you are new to yoga, semi-experienced or a dedicated yoga practitioner, this course will suit all who seek to deepen their understanding of the physical, mental and spiritual practices of Yoga.


Throughout this 5 week course, students are offered a foundation in yoga postures, breathing techniques, ethics, mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation. 

Each week explores key concepts to help introduce the student to the practice of yoga in a structured and safe way. Offerings of the history and benefits of yoga are shared throughout, allowing the student to finish the course feeling confident and uplifted in the understanding of their own yoga practice. 

This course is offered as part of Miami University's Institute for Learning In Retirement. 

Cost per student: $49 for the series



The Yoga Sutras Illuminated

8-10:30 AM and 1:00-5:00 PM
Sunday, April 30, 2023

The most famous of all yoga texts, the Yoga Sutra has influenced the development of yoga philosophy and meditation for 1000 years, and recently  underwent a major revival with the popularity of Yoga in the West. It is assigned reading in countless yoga teacher trainings, despite the fact that there is no crystal clear and fully actionable translation of this esoteric text. 

A detailed examination of the first sixteen sutras is necessary for illuminating the meaning of the subsequent sutras. These sixteen explain what Yoga is, its goal, its view of the mind/emotions, and what the practice of Yoga consists of, notably relative to discrimination and detachment. 

Whether you are a yoga teacher or a student looking to deepen your understanding of the complete path of yoga, this one day primer on the Yoga Sutras promises to bring a new depth and new levels of understanding to your practice.  The course demystifies the ancient wisdom of the Yoga Sutra so you can:

  1. understand how it applies to modern life challenges

  2. practically integrate yoga wisdom into your weekly classes/practices with confidence

  3. offer more value to your students

  4. gain clarity on your own unique path as a yoga teacher/practitioner


Jessica Lohrey, Director of the Tree of India School of Yoga, has been studying yoga philosophy for over 20 years and teaching courses for yoga teachers for the last 13 years. A copy of the Yoga Sutras will be provided for this study. 

Cost: $78

To register, go to the SCHEDULE and click on Sunday, April 30th.




Enchanting Sacred Sound Bath 

4:00-5:30 PM
Sunday, April 16, 2023

90 minutes of Healing Sounds

Certified Sound Healer and Reiki Master, Tisa, brings her gifts & passion to share with us. Tisa shares with us the relaxation of our minds and bodies. This deeply powerful experience can be life changing. 

Breathwork & meditation are essential to maintaining balance.  The sounds created during Tisa's Sound Baths help to initiate or deepen your own spiritual journey. The process can help with all levels of healing; emotional, mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Allow yourself to enter a timeless space of listening as​ ​Tisa orchestrates her way through overtone rich instruments including Gongs, Antique Asian Bells, Ocean Drum, a variety of Singing Bowls and more!  Listeners have described the experience as an adventure in listening; sonic bliss; a​ ​deep​ ​and​ ​lasting​ ​vibrational​ ​rejuvenation​ ​for​ ​body​ ​and​ ​soul; a journey through the senses.  Allow yourself to let go, BE Still and to Listen.  


 Investment in Self: $44

** Your body temperature will drop during the Sound Bath. Please come prepared with blankets, pillow(s), furry socks to keep your feet warm, and water. These items are necessary so that you are comfortable laying down for 90 minutes. We have bolsters and blankets at the studio, but feel free to bring your favorite pillow or fuzzy blanket so you can settle in and get cozy. 

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Tree of India School of Yoga
Graduation Ceremony & Open House

Saturday & Sunday, June 24-25, 2023

We are celebrating the graduation of Tree of India School of Yoga's inaugural class with a weekend of FREE YOGA and festivities! 


Our students work hard for 10 months to become 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teachers. We invite you to join us as we celebrate their accomplishments! Each teacher will be offering a FREE YOGA class on Saturday, June 24th. Class times are listed below, and will soon be added to the schedule so you can pre-register! 


10:30 AM, 12:00 PM, 1:30 PM, 3:00 PM 

Saturday, June 24, 2023


5-6:30 PM, Sunday, June 25, 2023

Graduation Ceremony Program:

Invocation, Meditation & Director's address

Live music with Lisa Biales

Graduation puja and Introduction of new teachers


Book an event at the studio for your celebration.

Perfect for sorority gatherings, birthdays, graduations, group bonding, or to simply unwind together! Choose from: candle-lit restorative yoga, yoga with aromatherapy, a sensory yoga experience, partner yoga, yoga for stress/anxiety, or yin yoga.


Cost varies depending on the program and number of participants. Contact us to create your perfect experience! 

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