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All About Kitchari

Did you know that in Ayurveda, the things we eat are classified in 3 categories? Those categories are Poison, Medicine, and Neutral. Kitchari, pronounced “kitch-uh-ree,” is uniquely classified as both Medicine AND Neutral. Kitchari is considered and Ayurvedic staple because it is detoxifying and tri-doshic, meaning it is beneficial for all 3 Ayurvedic body-types.

So...WHAT IS IT?? Kitchari is a mixture of yellow mung dal beans, rice, vegetables and Indian spices. I will link you to some recipes below.

In India, kitchari is eaten everywhere, by everyone - regardless of class. There are many regional variations found throughout the country, but the basic ingredients are the same. Recently, the Indian media unofficially designated it as the "national dish", and it is being globally promoted by the Indian government as "queen of all foods". It symbolizes India's great culture of unity in diversity.


Aside from the bouquet of flavors offered by the spices, kitchari has the following benefits and qualities:

  1. Kitchari is super-easy to digest because of the mushy state of the mung beans and rice.

  2. When eaten regularly, it strengthens the digestive fire and flushes toxins.

  3. It is the most recommended meal during sickness, chronic illness, weakness, digestive imbalance, pregnancy, and detoxification.

  4. It contains all 9 essential amino acids, making it a perfect protein source.

  5. It is nutrient dense containing iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, folate, copper, zinc and various B vitamins.

  6. It provides a great amount of dietary fiber.

  7. It is high in antioxidants (think anti-cancer and anti-aging.)

  8. It improves heart and colon health.

  9. The spices in kitchari provide numerous health benefits such as reducing inflammation, flushing toxins, increasing circulation, boosting immunity, increasing the digestion and allowing better absorption of nutrients.

  10. It is a great meal option all on its own for weight loss programs.

  11. There are many recipe variations, allowing for customization for one's specific needs and taste references.

Check these links for kitchari recipes and pre-mixed kitchari spices (Banyan Botanicals):

Kitchari from Karma Cafe, Asheville, NC. Delicious!



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