Yin Yoga & Qi Gong

  • 18 US dollars

Service Description

We will begin with a quiet and passive Yin practice, using floor based postures that are held for several minutes in order to reach the body’s deep connective tissue (ligaments, joints, the fascia matrix), and the energy channels (meridians) that carry energy to all parts of our body. This practice will help unleash stagnant or blocked energy and help cultivate a calmness in our physical, psychological, and energetic body. From here we will come into a more yang style movement with the practice of Qi Gong which like yoga and Tai Chi, involves connecting the mind, body, and spirit but is unique in its own right. Qi Gong consists of gentle movements that mirror the movements in nature. Gentle flows using all parts of the body, help channel, strengthen and circulate Qi through the body helping to nourish the body’s muscles, tissue, organs, while helping you get in touch with the natural flow of energy in your body. This gentle workout is often referred to as “a moving meditation” as it helps clear emotional stress and uses gentle movement and breath control to help you stay connected to the present moment. Come observe how these two practices blend concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, using appropriate pressure, stillness, and movement to enhance the flow of Qi through energy channels in order to help keep our whole body (mind, emotions, spirit, and physical body) healthy and in touch with life in the present moment.


  • 507 South College Avenue, Oxford, OH, USA