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A Letter to Grief

I would like to share a letter inspired by the writing of my friend, Ramdas Ormond. It’s a letter addressed to “Grief.”

Dear Grief,

I feel your presence gather around me as I sip my tea this morning. I see it on your face – the surprise that one of us would see you through loving eyes, would welcome you, embrace you, even long for your gentle presence. I see you with love, dear Grief, because I know the gift you carry.

With great tenderness and care, you have gathered up every shred of love I have for the one we call Mother, Ma, Mom, Mommy. You’ve gathered all my love for her and all the love she has given to me and brought it into one gift.

Your gift is too big for this mortal me. It fills me, encompasses me, engulfs me. My heart swells ready to burst. My throat cannot voice all the love you give. The swelling grows and bursts from eyes and mouth and nose. My whole frame is wracked with the trembling throes of your marvelous and terrifying gift.

I marvel that I have ever felt such love. I tremble that the power of that great love will tear this flesh and bone apart. I welcome your gift, overpowering as it is, such that I can scarcely see or read. It is all of my love for my dear Mother. Such a gift is most precious to me.

We all experience grief at one time or another in our lives. It’s so overpowering because it is every bit of love we feel for that departed loved one concentrated into one moment of time and it’s too much for us to feel all at once, so it leaks out everywhere.

In the times of grief that you experience, whenever you experience them, might you remember that this is all the love that you have ever felt from and for that dear person. May you cherish everything you feel in that moment. Thank you for letting me pour some of that love into these words.

Again and again, Jai Bhagwan.




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