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How to Easily Bring Essential Oils into Your Daily Life

People LOVE essential oils, but I often hear folks say that they buy them and then never use them! WHAT???

Not only is this a huge waste of money, it is depriving oneself of the incredible benefits and joy that essential oils can bring!

I have been using essential oils for over 30 years and I can tell you that I use oils every single day in some way, shape or form.

Rose Hydrosol is a wonderful cooling spritz for the face during hot summer months!


Because essential oils are my friends! Each oil carries the vibrational frequency of the plant from which it came. Therefore, each oil has a distinct “personality” that effects the way I feel. From a yogic vantage-point, one might say that essential oils bring the CHAKRAS closer to balance when pain, sorrow, anger and stress throw things out of whack. (I will cover the science behind this in an upcoming blog post.)

In addition to the mental and emotional benefits, there are numerous ways we can use essential oils to benefit us on the physical level. From first aid to perfume, essential oils have got me covered!


I keep oils in every room of my home. Forget about those cute little storage boxes and expensive essential oil cases. They’re RUBBISH, I say! You won’t need them if you’re using your oils.

I JUST did a walk-through and here is what I found in each room of my home:

1. Bedroom Nightstand: vetiver & lavender singles to inhale before sleep, a small bottle of massage oil I made on the fly (recipe at the end of this post) and the Tree of India Sleepy Inhaler.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Mist

3. Medicine cabinet: tea tree for drying up blemishes and preventing nail/foot fungus, lavender for burns and cuts, melissa, Tree of India Rosewater, Tree of India Balancing Facial Care Blend, my own personal favorite perfume oil (sandalwood in a grapeseed carrier), and a special gentle blend for skin irritations (recipe also at the end of this post.)

4. Bathroom: Tree of India Saucha Antibacterial EO mixed with distilled water in a spray bottle. I use this randomly a couple of times per week to spray around the toilet, and in the shower. During the winter cold/flu season I used this blend in a diffuser in the living room and last winter I put a container of it inside the heating vent on days when I felt run-down and vulnerable so the vapor would blow out into the room.

5. Kitchen: Home-made ant repellent spray sits on my kitchen counter (because I can’t bear to kill the little guys!) Under the sink: floor cleaner I made with vinegar, lemon and lavender. On the kitchen table: Tree of India Sunshine on a Cloudy Day candle.

6. Living Room: diffuser with a selection of single oils sitting next to it (clary sage, neroli, vetiver, peppermint) and Tree of India Synergy Blend #5, Tree of India Wonderland candle and Chill Out candle.

7. Office Desk: Tree of India Free Spirit Mist (anti-anxiety blend for when I must deal with finances!), rosemary for concentration, Tree of India Mental Clarity inhaler.

Yoga Studio "Essentials"

8. Yoga Studio: frankincense, palo santo and sandalwood singles to help clear my mind and give me clarity for meditation and yoga practice. I usually put them in a diffuser, but have been known to mix them in a grapeseed carrier and put in a dropper bottle for topical application before practice and then again before final relaxation pose.

9. By the door to the outside deck: Mosquito Repellent Mist (equal parts eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary and lavender in a witch hazel base.)

10. Car: peppermint and spearmint to put in my car diffuser. I use these on long road trips (along with my favorite up-beat music) to keep me alert.

The assortment of essential oils found in my home changes frequently as needed, but oils are always part of my day-to-day… and they can become part of yours, too! Keep them around. Get them out of those storage boxes! Keep them handy and at your fingertips, ready to use.


4 oz distilled water

30 drops peppermint

30 drops tea tree

20 drops orange

Jessica’s Excellent Massage Oil

8 oz almond oil

30 drops geranium

30 drops lavender

60 drops Indian sandalwood

15 drops lime

10 drops ginger leaf

20 drops patchouli

EO Blend for Irritated Skin (Rashes, Dry, Itchy Skin)

2 oz grapeseed oil

6 drops vitamin E oil

4 drops blue chamomile

6 drops geranium

10 lavender

6 drops helichrysum

10 drops sandalwood



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